The purpose of this article is to explain the DCA Wrangler ARIES Export Feature. 

The ARIES Export feature lets you quickly export DCA Wrangler declines out to an ARIES Expression (AC_Economic Table - Section 4)  

ARIES Export Menu


This will be the qualifier name for all your well decline curves.

Truncate Curve (Checkbox)
This is an option to truncate the curve to the last date of production.

Example - If your last date of production is Jan 2019. The forecast will start on February 2019 to extend the forecast curve.  
Output Folder
This is where your text file will be located after the export.

Example - C:\Users\Test\Desktop
This will be the Name of the text file.

Export Button
Export to a text file.

How to use the ARIES Export Feature

Requirements - DCA Wrangler 

  • Well Header (Related to Production)
  • Production (Related to Well Header) 

After Configuration 

  1. Run a decline on a set of wells you want to export. This example uses our Autocast engine - Modified Arps (Auto)

  2. Go to Export on the top menu bar > To ARIES  
  3. Input - A Qualifier Name, browse to your folder to insert text file, File Name.
    Notice the number of wells you are about to export - 3 wells

  4. Click Export - View Results
    On the left bottom corner of the DCA Wrangler Visualization there will be a Successfully exported decline message

For additional information on RAI DCA Wrangler documentation, click here