Energy Analytics - DCA

New Feature

  • •Rapid ARIES Feedback is here!
        o Now export your decline data directly from the DCA Wrangler for the ARIES Economic Data Importer
        o Supports a low connectivity environment when you can't connect to - no WiFi needed!
  • •Legend items and decline streams now show units while hovering

Rapid export for the ARIES Economic Data Importer

Units on DCA Wrangler tooltips and legend


New Features

  • •Added timezone transformations for data loaded from Just select the timezone of choice and your DateTime fields will be adjusted accordingly.
  • When connected to a local instance, we added a way to install the PetroDatabase to match the latest schema changes and migrate from older versions of the PetroDatabase. For non-local instances, please see the How to Update link below for instructions on how to update your instance

PetroPanel showing connection status with details on migrations


New Features

  • Select a well and go exploring!
  • We added an all new well context that drives your applications
  • Quickly understand drilling performance with the new Drilling Performance and Rig Viewer. The viewers leverage the powerful drilling classification algorithm in


  • Reorganized side panel for easier navigation
  • Completions Jobs show even when then job has not been processed


Drilling Performance and Rig Viewer

Drilling Classification