The purpose of this article is to explain how to set up DCA Wrangler.


  • Well Header Table 
  • Production Table (Monthly/Daily) 

Prerequisite steps - Relate the Tables by a unique Identifier (Exmaple - API) 

  1. Go to Edit > Data Table Properties.
  2. Select the Well Header Table > Select Relations Tab > Manage Relations.
  3. In the Manage Relations menu, Select New.
  4. In the New Relation menu, configure the Well Header Table and Production table to relate by a Unique Identifier > Select OK > OK > OK.

After Prerequisite steps - Configure the DCA Wrangler Visualization 

  1. Insert a DCA Wrangler visual to page.
    (Insert > Visualization > DCA Wrangler) or (Click on the DCA Wrangler Icon on the top bar)
  2. Configure the Visualization Properties menu.
    (In the DCA Wrangler top menu, Select Visualization Properties > Configure and match appropriate columns > Click Save)
    The "Wells" section is the column from the Well Header Data Table.
    The "Production" section is the column from the Production.

    Note on Limit by Marking - This will be the same marking that populate the DCA Wrangler visualization.
    Example - If your using a map (or Data table visualization)  to mark, make sure it's on the same marking.

  3. Now that the DCA Wrangler Properties menu is configured. Let's decline a set of wells.
    Now mark on the visualization of your choice. This example will be using a Data Table visualization that is using the Well Header data table you previously imported.
    Note - Notice that when you mark on Well Header data, the empty tiles populate on the DCA Wrangler Visualization because we are applying Limit data using markings.

  4. Click Decline - View Results.

For additional information on RAI DCA Wrangler documentation, click here.