The purpose of this article is to explain provide an overview of Loading from ARIES 

REQUIREMENTS Before Using The ARIES Connector. 


  1. Ensure that you have a 64 bit Office Product
  2. Download 2010 64 bit driver in the download link
  3. Download 2007 32 bit driver in the download link

After these drivers are installed, the Aries Connector(64 bit) and Aries Database(64,32) can be compatible with both drivers. 

The ARIES Connector manages inputs and outputs of ARIES wells, production, and declines to the Database.

In this article, we will step through an example of how to Load from ARIES Database into the Database. Then be able to sync the models into the DCA Wrangler visualization

How to Load from Aries 

  1. On the ARIES connector, select the Load from ARIES
  2. In the ARIES Connection menu, input the connection string of your ARIES Database.
    Note: This is the path for the ARIES Database Provider.
    Example of a Connection String
  3. User the drop-down, and choose the connection string provider (OleDB, SQLServer, ODBC)
  4. Click Test Connection (ARIES Connection)
  5. In the ARIES Configuration Menu, there is an option to put a Schema.
  6. Scroll through the AC_ECONOMIC, AC_PROPERTY, AC_PRODUCT, AC_SCENARIO tabs and configure the column mapping.
  7. In the dropdown, select your Database
    Note: If a Database is not set, see Configure MongoDB for Spotfire in Administration Manager.
    Note: Your company's available connection will differ.
  8. Click Test Connection
  9. In the Available Models dropdown, select Qualifiers
    Note: An error message will show if you "Load" without selecting either Qualifier or Scenarios.
  10. Click Load
    The Panel below will populate with the qualifiers that were pulled from the ARIES Database.
  11. Select a qualifier from the panel.
  12. Select the Job Option
  13. Click Run Job
    Note: This will run the job script (load) with the given parameters set from the ARIES Connector
    The ARIES Connector output panel will display details of the Job Process.
  14. Once Complete, close out the ARIES Connector Output and the ARIES Connector.

  15. In the DCA Wrangler Visualization,  Load > Configure DB Connection  > Inside the Panel click Database Connection Menu > Connect to the same Database used inside the ARIES Connector.
    For additional information on RAI Panel, click here
  16. In the DCA Wrangler, double check all the "Visualization Properties" configuration to match the models that are were loaded to the ARIES Database.
  17. The important part, mark on the original well header data table to match the models that were Loaded into the ARIES Database.
  18. Click Sync > Configure > In the drop-down, select the Model Name that was loaded from ARIES to the Database
  19. Click SAVE
  20. Click Sync > Download
    This will download the models that were saved in the ARIES Database to Database.
  21. Click Decline
    Final DCA Wrangler Output Result

For additional Information on ARIES Connector documentation, click here