The purpose of this article is to explain the Properties menu inside the Tenary Chart.

Where is the Ternary Chart properties menu?

When opening the Ternary Chart Visualization, the properties menu is located in the top right corner of the visualization. 

How to configure the properties menu

Properties Menu Inputs

  1. General
    • Title - Change the title
  2. Data
    • Data Table - Choose the data table for this analysis
    • Filtering - Choose a Filtering Scheme
    • Marking - Choose to turn on Marking on the Ternary Chart Visualization
    • Limit by Marking - Choose to Limit by marking, This the visualization will only populate when marking.
  3. Column Selection
    • Axis A - Choose the column selector for the bottom left axis.
    • Axis B - Choose the column selector for the bottom right axis
    • Axis C - Choose the column selector for the top axis
    • Column Color By - Choose a column selector to color by
      Color by: This will choose a unique color for each category in the column selected.  
    • Column Size By - Choose a column selector to size by
      Size by: This will size the shape (circle) accordingly to the dataset.  
  4. Selection
    • Selection Mode - Choose which type of mode for selection
      Rectangle: highlight multiple points on the Ternary Chart (able to use in other visualizations inside Spotfire)
      Point: In this point mode, this setting does not select but gives some details on that axis values in the Ternary Chart.  
  5. Appearance
    • Legend - Shows or Hide the Legend on the right panel 
    • Tooltips - Shows or Hide the Tooltips 
    • Show Min/ Max Vals - Shows or Hide each min and max Values of each axis.
  6. Advanced
    • Size Min - Sets the minimum values size of shape (circle)
    • Size Max - Sets the Maximum values size of the Shape (circle)
  7. Custom Min/Max Vals
    Set a custom Min and Max value for each of the axis (A, B, C). 
    • Axis A min 
    • Axis A max 
    • Axis B min 
    • Axis B max
    • Axis C min 
    • Axis C max 

Click "Save" after configuring all the properties menu. 

Example Template from the Portal:

Ternary Plot Example

For additional information on RAI Ternary Chart, click here.