The purpose of this article is to explain the Ternary Chart Extension

What is RAI Ternary Chart Visualization?

The Ternary chart is an alternative to the 3D Scatter Plot. It allows the user to look at the relationship between three parameters in a triangle shaped graph. The sides of a triangle will hold the measures for each column involved in the visualization, and we can add more dimension by using Color by, Shape by, and Size by options


The relationships will be determined by looking at the patterns of the graph. Things to look for: 

  • An accumulation of points on certain corners
  • Trends going from one edge to another on the triangle¬†
  • Trends in colors, shapes, and size

Purpose: Ternary Chart is used to plot three dependent of variables that always add up to a fixed value.

Where is the Ternary Chart Visualization?

Another way to access Ternary Chart Visualization

  1. Click "Insert" on the top menu bar
  2. Go to "Visualization"
  3. Click Ternary Chart


  • A Single Ternary Chart Visualization with edges of the triangle that are the axes.


Template example from Portal:

Ternary Plot Example

For additional information on RAI Ternary Chart, click here