The purpose of this article is to explain the menu options for the ARIES Connector


The ARIES Connector manages inputs and outputs of ARIES wells, production, and declines to the Database.

Job Type

Use the Job Type selector to choose whether to load from ARIES or write to ARIES.

Load from ARIES - Load from the ARIES Database into Database.
Write to ARIES - Write from Database into ARIES Database.

ARIES Connection

The ARIES Connection settings are used to configure the connection to your ARIES database.

Select Configuration - Use the drop-down to select the pre-configured settings from the preference manager.
This can be used to save your Connection String and the ARIES Configuration.

Connection String - Connection String to the ARIES database
This is an example of a connection string.
Provider - Provider for the connection string (Use the drop-down to select SQLServer, ODBC, or OleDB)

Note: If using OleDB and you experience this error: "The requested OLE DB provider Microsoft.ACE.OLEDB.12.0 is not registered", you will need to download and install the 64-bit version of Microsoft Access Database Engine 2010 Redistributable which can be downloaded from Microsoft's site here.

Test Connection (Button)  -  Tests the connection string and the provider.
Note: Test Connection will be disabled until a Provider is set.

ARIES Configuration

The ARIES Configuration settings are used to map columns from your Database to columns in your ARIES database. Note: In most cases the default mappings will be correct.

Schema - Schema name for the database

AC_Economic - Configure column mapping for the ARIES AC_Economic table

AC_Property - Configure column mapping for the ARIES AC_Property table

AC_Product - Configure column mapping for the ARIES AC_Product table

AC_Scenario - Configure column mapping for the ARIES AC_Scenario table

Use the dropdown to select the Database that you would like to write to or load from. Instance - Choose your database
Note: This is an example of different Instances, your company's connection will be differ.

Test Connection - Tests the database connection.

Available Models

The Available Models section displays Qualifiers or Scenarios that exist in the database or ARIES Database  

Load Scenario and Qualifiers - Select whether to load scenarios or qualifiers (models)

To enable to filter options - use the drop-down and select qualifiers. 

Header Table (Filter) - Use the drop-down to filter select your well header table inside the Spotfire.    
*Load from ARIES Only
Propnum Column (Filter) - Inside your header Table, match your Propnum Column.
*Load from ARIES Only
Load (Button) - Load qualifers or scenarios

Scenario/Qualifier Panel - Displays a list of scenarios or qualifiers to select
Example qualifiers when writing to ARIES

Job Options

Mark as Official (Load) - Provide a flag to make well declines official when loading to Database

Overwrite (Write) - This will overwrite your expression in the ARIES Database for that specific qualifier. 
Allow models with ratio stream (Write) - If checked, it will only write one of the major streams based on what is listed in the AC_Property table for that Propnum. 
Wells (Load) - Load the AC_Property(Header) and the AC_Products(Production) tables from the Aries Database.
Write all Major Streams (Write) - Write to all major streams to the Aries Database (Oil and Gas)
Truncate Curve (Write) - This will write a curve to Aries from the last month of production from the DCA Wrangler curve decline onward.
Example - If the last date of production is January 2018. The Aries Connector will start writing from February 2018. 
Well Decline Curves (Load) - Loads the forecast data from ARIES Database to be used in the DCA Wrangler.

Run Job / Reset

Run Job (Button) - After configuring the required settings for the ARIES Connector, this will run the job script.
Note: Upon selecting the Run Job button, the ARIES Connector Output will appear.
The ARIES Connector Output will show the progress of the job script that is running.

Example: picture for Job Type: Write to ARIES

Reset (Button) - Reset the ARIES Connector settings

For additional Information on ARIES Connector documentation, click here