The purpose of this article is to explain Home menu inside the Panel


The Home menu allows you to create and save Well Groups to the DB from marked wells in Spotfire. Currently saved Well Groups in the DB can also be browsed here.

Note: The connection has to be set before selecting and saving groups,  these groups saved are tied to the Table Settings inside Panel.

The Active Data Table will show the current Table Setting configured. 

Home Menu Options

Search Groups - Search all previous groups saved inside Database.

Clear - Clear the search field inputs

Navigate through the pages

Groups per Page - select how many groups to show per page. (5,10,15)

Group Name - Create a new group from marked wells

Create - Create groups that will be saved inside the DB. When wells are marked an indication of the number of wells that will be included is shown.

How to create a group

  1. Select/ mark a group from the table visualization.
  2. In the Home menu, Create a group name.

  3. Click Create  - This will create a group of the marked wells with the given name.
    (Note: Next to Create, you can see how many wells are marked from the table visualization.)

How to edit a group

  1. In the well group panel, Click the well group that you want to edit.

  2. After selecting the group to edit, another panel under will appear called " Active Group". This will be the group you selected.

    Active Group menu Option

    Mark - Marks/Highlights the original group of wells saved.

    Add to Group - This will add more wells marked to the same group.

    Remove from Group - This will remove any previously selected/mark from the group list.

    Delete - Delete entire group

    Name - Change the group name

    Description - Create a specific description for the group.

    Save - Save new settings configured


  3. Click Save after editing existing group.
For additional information on Panel documentation, click here