The purpose of this article is to explain Action menu inside Panel


The Action menu allows you to load and save data to and from the DB via predefined functions. Once a function is defined it can be refreshed, which will load or save new data to/from the DB.

Note: Make sure to set up a Database Connection before adding a Function.
A notification will show if the database connection is not set up.

If the Database Connection has not been set, Action menu will be grey, and cannot be clicked.  

In the Action menu, there are two tabs Configured Functions and Add Functions.

Configured Functions shows previously configured functions. This tab is used for editing and changing a function that was previously created.

Add Functions is a list of predefined actions that can be used when connecting to the Database. These functions must be configured before use.


The History table shows a running list of functions that have been executed.

History - The ten most recent action made will be saved under History.

Add Function Menu

Action menu option

Cancel - Cancel the new action

Search Actions - Search all actions

Clear - Clear search inputs

Navigate through the pages

Groups per Page - select how many groups to show per page. (5,10,15)

The list of functions (load,save) that can be used.

Configuring a new function

When selecting a new function (above), a configuration menu will appear.
Note: Each action configuration menu will be different.

Example: When clicking Well production Table (Load)

How to set up an Action

Note: The DB connection has to be set up before any action can be run.

  1. Click the Action menu
  2. Click on the Add Function tab
  3. Select a new action
    Note: after selecting a new function, a configuration panel will populate with options for the specific function. Each new function will have different options, the load Well Production Table is shown below:
  4. Configure the settings for the function
  5.  Click Create to save new action
  6. After clicking create the Panel will create an output table in Spotfire with the name specified in the function and populate that table with data from

How to Edit a function

Once a function has been created it can be refreshed, viewed, and edited via the Actions menu in the Configured Functions tab:

Refresh - Refreshes the action, loading or saving data from/to the DB

Edit - Edits the previously saved function configuration

Remove - Removes the function from the configured function list.

  1.  Click Edit to change the existing function.

  2. Edit any fields, under Edit the Function  
    Example: This is the same function created above.

  3. Click Save when complete
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