The purpose of this article is to explain the Table Settings menu for Panel.


The Table Settings menu tells the Panel which table, filter, marking, and columns to use when saving data to the DB.

A notification will show if a table setting menu is not set up.

These settings will be tied to the groups inside the Home menu.


Note: Settings found in the dropdown menus below will change based on the tables in your Spotfire analysis file.

Data Table: Data table containing your well header data.

Filtering: Choose a filtering scheme for the data table.

Limit by Marking: Choose to limit by Spotfire marking.

Well Id: Choose the unique well ID column from the Data Table selected above.

Well Name: Choose the Well name column from the Data table selected above.

How to set up Table Settings in Panel

  1. Click on the Table Settings inside Panel.

  2. First, choose the data table. Then configure the rest of the data table settings.

  3. Click Save.
    Note: Click Refresh if a new data table is added to the Spotfire analysis and is not showing in the dropdowns. 
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