The purpose of this article is to explain database connection for Panel.

Database Connection Menu for Panel

A notification will show if a connection is not set.


Use the Connections Menu to connect the Panel to your Database.

The RAI Energy Analytics Extension will need a Database (MongoDB) connection URL to function. 

  • If your Database (MongoDB) connection string(s) are already configured by your Spotfire administrator or you are using an local MongoDB proceed to the steps below.
  • If your Database (MongoDB) connection string(s) is not configured within Spotfire see Configure MongoDB for Spotfire in Administration Manager to configure it.


Note: These are an example of a connection string to be selected. Your company connections will be different. 

Within the configuration menu, the connection available drop-down allows a user to select a connection string provided by the Spotfire Administrator. 

To know that your connection has been successfully connected, there will be a spinning icon to indict successfully connection.

Click test connection to retest the Database. 

If there are no connection strings set up, contact your Spotfire administrator and close out Spotfire and reload Panel.

How to setup a database connection

  1. Click on Database Connection menu inside Panel.

  2. In the drop-down, select the database

    Note: Wait until the Status: Success

    Database Connection notification in the DCA Visualization:

    If the connection is failed, click test connection or contact your Spotfire Administrator.
    For additional information on Panel documentation, click here