The purpose of this article is to explain properties menu inside Radar Chart Extension 

Where is the Radar Chart Properties menu?

When Opening the Radar Chart Extension, the properties menu is located in the top right corner of the visualization.

Radar Chart properties inputs:

  1. General
    • Title: Title of the visualization
    • Description: Add a description to the visualization. (Optional)
  2. Data
    • Data Table - Choose the data table.
    • Filtering:  Option to use a filtering scheme.
    • Marking: Choose to use marking
    • Limit by Marking
  3. Column Selection 
    • Group: Choose the column to group
    • Axis: Choose the column that lies on the axis
    • Value: Choose column to the value.
    • Description: Choose column for description
  4. Axes
    • Normalize: Yes or No
    • Value Aggregation: Min, Max, Avg(average), Sum, Median.
    • Axes Labels: Show or Hide. These are the outer labels surrounding the Radar Chart. 
    • Level Label: Show or Hide. These are the Labels inside each layer of the Radar Chart. 
  5.  Appearance
    • Legend: Show or Hide: Legend underneath the properties menu.
    • Levels: Show or Hide: These are the layers between each of the axes.
    • Number of Levels: Show or Hide: the layers that surround each axes.
    • Axes - Show or Hide: A straight line that goes between the layers
    • Vertices- Show or Hide: The colored points that lie on the axes 
    • Polygons - Show or Hide: The fill color for the polygon shapes
    • Label text Scale: X-small, Small, Medium, large, or X-large. These are the size of the labels (Number)  
  6. Click Save after selecting all the settings. 

Link for the template example on the portal below:

Radar Chart Example template

For additional information on RAI Radar Chart documentation, click here