The purpose of this article is to explain the properties menu inside Scatterplot Matrix 

Where is the Scatterplot Matrix Properties menu?

When opening the Scatterplot Matrix Extension, the properties menu is located in the top right corner of the visualization. 

How to configure the properties menu?

Properties Menu Inputs

  1. General 
    •  Title:  the title of the visualization
    •  Description: Add a description of this visualization

  2. Data
    • Data Table: Add the data table.
    • Filtering, Marking, or limit by marking.

  3. Appearance
    • Show/Hide Legend
    • Show/Hide Pearson Correlation
    • Show/Hide Tooltips
    • Number of Bin for the Histogram(Traits) - How many bars on the Histogram
    • Text scale - Size of the text ( Pearson Correlation Score and Traits title)

  4. Selection Mode
    •  Choose either Pointer or Rectangle.
    •  The pointer arrow ONLY selects the Histogram visualization
    •  The rectangle setting is able to select parts of the scatterplot for further analysis and also able to mark on histograms.

  5. Column: Group Selection
    • Choose the column group
    • This setting will specify what to use to distinguish between groups

  6. Column: Trait Selection
    • Number of traits: This is where you can add more traits to your visualization.
    • Note when adding more or fewer traits click save for the visualizations to save the change, then go back to add the traits.
    • Traits 1,2,3, etc. - These are the traits that are going to be shown on the visualization. (HIstogram, Diagonal)

  7. Click Save after selecting all the settings. 

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