The purpose of this article is to explain QQ Plot

What is QQ Plot in the Data Science Toolkit?


The purpose of the QQ plot is to test for normal distribution in a column of data.  Many predictive models require that the data be normally distributed.  If it is not, then the model will not work well.  This plot can help a user determine if their data is normally distributed and whether or not it should be fed into a given predictive model.


  • Single scatter plot visualization 
  • Cross table for p90,p10,p10/p90, mean, median, Swanson's mean.
  • Normal Quantiles are on the x-axis and the sample Quantiles are on the y-axis


Data Science Toolkit QQ Plot User Guide: How to set up QQ plot

See RAI QQ Plot video below

Data Science Toolkit - QQ Plot from on Vimeo.

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