The purpose of this article is to explain Group Comparison (ANOVA)

What is Group Comparison (ANOVA) in Data Science Toolkit?

Purpose: The purpose of the Group Comparison (ANOVA) is to compare the performance of groups using a numeric variable.

Information on ANOVA:


  • If pairwise comparison are included, there are four outputs
  • Pairwise Comparison between each Group table
  • ANOVA and Kruskal-Wallis Test for Group table
  • Group Results table, including normality check on each group name¬†
  • Box plot visualization


See user guide how to set up Group Comparison (ANOVA): Data Science Toolkit Group Comparison (ANOVA) User Guide: How to setup Group Comparison (ANOVA)

For additional information see video: 

- See the video for an explanation of how to interpret the value.

Data Science Toolkit: Group Comparison (ANOVA) from on Vimeo.