The purpose of this article is to explain the Layers Settings in the Properties Menu.

To access the Properties menu

    1. Click the gear icon on the Well Log visualization.

How to add/configure a Track

How to add a Track 

    1. Click on [+] Add on the bottom left corner and click track.

How to configure a Track

  1. Select the track to be configured.
  2. Edit the track options:
  • Track Title - Change the name of the track
  • Track width - adjust the size of the track.
  • Scale Type - Change the type of scale displayed on the track.

* Click Apply to save changes and Close.    

How to add/Configure a Curve

Add a New Curve

  1. Open the Well log properties
  2. If no track exists, first add a track by clicking (+) Add > Track
  3. If track exists, click on the track name
  4. Click (+) Add> Curve to add a new curve in the selected track
  5. Click on the New Curve
  6. Go to the Configuration tab
  7. Give the curve a name and select the column that contains the curve data
  8. Go to Lines and Fill tabs to configure the settings for the curve

* Click Apply to save changes and Close.    

Configure an Existing Curve

  1. Open the Well log properties

  2. Select the curve name under the track name 

  3. Open the tab that contains the properties to be configured (Configuration, Lines, Markers, Fill)

 Move a Curve to a different track

  1. Click on the curve name and drag the curve to the track name

Track configuration menu 

  • Track Title - Edit the name of the selected track 
  • Track Width - adjusts the width of the selected track
  • Scale Type - Set the type of scale displayed on the track 
  • Number of children - Refers to the number of curves on the selected track. 

Curve configuration menu 

There are four tabs to edit: Configuration, Lines, Marker, and Fill


  • The configuration tab has fields for naming and describing the curve as well as setting the column that contains the curve you want to display on the track.


  • The lines tab has settings for changing the line style, color, width, and interpolation for the selected curve. 
  • When left unchecked, the range of the curve is set to the min and max of the selected data set. Otherwise, check the boxes for left (min value) and right (max value) to set the range of the display for the selected curve.


  • If you want to show markers check "Show Markers"
  • This setting is similar to using a scatter plot with different marker icon.
  • There is a fill color option, stroke color, Max points, symbols, Marker size.
  • To show all markers, check the "Show all markers"


  • The fill tab has settings for coloring within the track.
  • There are three modes: track, curve, and baseline.
    • Track mode sets filling of the selected color from one end of the track to the curve
    • Curve mode sets filling color beginning from the selected curve
    • Baseline mode colors the space between where the baseline is set to the curve. Make sure the baseline value is within the range for that curve. 

For Example:

How to Remove an Existing Track or Curve:

In the Well Log properties: 

  1. Click on the track or Curve of interest.

  2. Click [-] Remove

For additional information on RAI Well Log documentation, click here