The purpose of this article is to explain the Formation Settings in the Properties Menu.

To access the Properties menu:

    1. Click the gear icon on the Well Log visualization.

    2. Click "Formation" under Appearance.

To enable the Formation settings, check "Use Formations".

How to Configure Formation Tops:

To add formation top data to the well log visualization,

  • In well log properties click Formations and check the box to Use Formations.
  • Under Data table, select the data table that contains depth, formation name, and well name data.
  • Set Limit data using marking, if applicable. 
  • Set the Limit data using filterings to the filtering scheme for the tab.
  • Select the columns that represent Depth, Formation name, and Well name in the data table previously selected. 

Please see the video "Well Log Visualization User Guide: How to create a Well Log Visualization" for additional help.

* Click Apply to save changes and Close.