The purpose of this article is to explain the Appearance Settings in the Properties Menu.

To access the Properties menu:

    1. Click the gear icon on the Well Log visualization.

    2. Click "Appearance" under Curve Data.

Appearance menu 


  • Font - Change the Font on the Well log Visualization 
  • Size  - Change the Font Size on the Well Log Visualization. 


  • Margin - Changes the Left Margin of the Well log Visualization. 


This is the line when hovering over the Well Log Visualization.

  • Line Width - Change the width of the line width 
  • Line Color - Change the Color of the line 
  • Ball Size - The size of the ball when hovering over the values of the Well Log. 

See picture below for an example


This is the legend underneath the Well Label Column - See picture below. 

  • Legend Height - Change the Height of the legend 
  • Enable or Disable Legend. 

* Click Apply to save changes and Close.    

For additional information on RAI Well Log documentation, click here