The purpose of this article is to explain the Basic Fundamentals and Visual Control menu settings for RAI Well Log Visualization.


To use these mouse controls, first hover over the track.

Zoom in
Scroll up
Zoom out
Scroll down
Pan up
Left-click and drag the mouse down
Pan down
Left-click and drag the mouse up

To affect the view of all tracks at the same time, first line up the track scales as closely as possible by using the mouse controls on the individual tracks. Use the controls on the navigation menu.

To reset the view for all tracks, click the re-center icon in the navigation menu. 

*Keep in mind this will reset the view for all tracks. 

Lastly, you can reorder the layout of the well log visualization by click in the right-hand corner of the track (  ) and dragging it into the desired position in the layout.

How to Reset the Zoom

To reset the zoom:

Click on the zoom reset icon  in the controls menu to the left of the visualization.

How to mark data in a track?

To mark data in a track, the marking "area" in the well log visualization is on the leftmost border of the track.

Hover over this area and left-click on the mouse to mark along the points of interest. 

Use Ctrl+left mouse click to mark multiple points of interest along the same track. 

Hint: the mouse cursor should change to a (+) shape when marking is activated.

What are the Properties of a Well Log Visualization?

There are three (3) property types that can be configured in Well log visualization. These correspond with the classes: curve, formation top, track. 

A well log can have multiple tracks and formation tops.

A track can have multiple curves. 

A formation top is distributed across all tracks.

For additional help see video below: 

Well Log Visualization User Guide: Introduction to the Well Log Visualization (Video)

Well Log Visualization User Guide: What are the controls of the Well Log (Video)

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