The purpose of this article is to explain Extract Seismic Along Path

To access Extract Seismic Along Path:

    1. Click the "Tools", Located on the top bar. 

    2. Scroll down to "Subsurface"

    3. Click "Extract Seismic Along Path"


Data Tables required 

  • Seismic 
  • Horizons (optional)
  • Path 
  • Interval

Value required

  • X,Y,Z Column Values (main value required)

Option Menu  

  • Model name 
  • Radius - radius value 
  • Seismic range - set the min(-∞) and max(∞) range. 
  • Seismic value 
    • Choose to export the Seismic values (Marked)
    • Toggle to automatic updates - with export

Seismic Menu

  • Data table - Choose the seismic data table
  • Volume - Choose the column from the data table that identifies the volume  
  • For the options X, Y, Zmin, Zmax, Inline, Xline and Value 
    • Choose the columns from the data table that matches those criteria.


There is an option to choose to enable or disable the horizons.

  • Data table - Choose the horizons data table
  • Name - Column name identifier for each horizon 
  • Choose the Columns values for each X, Y, Z 
  • Max Point Count per Horizon - in this option you can set the max value per each horizon. 
  • Enable or Disable active filtering

Path Menu

  • Data Table - Choose the Path data table 
  • Name - Column name identifier for each path 
  • For X, Y, Z, Order - match the columns from the path data table 
  • Enable or disable active filtering

Interval Menu

  • Data table - Choose the Interval data table 
  • Path Identifier - Choose the column for the path 
  • For Interval, Top, Bottom - match the columns from the interval data table 
  • Enable or Disable active filtering.  

After configuring each Extract Seismic Along Path menu options click "OK"

For additional information on 3D Subsurface documentation, click here