The purpose of this article is to explain the Layer settings in the Properties Menu.

To open the properties window

  • Click on the properties icon () in the upper right-hand corner of the visualization bar  OR
  • Click on the mouse pointer icon ()  in the navigation menu and then right click in your visualization and select properties

How do I create a layer?

To create a layer,

  1. Open the properties window of the 3d subsurface visualization
    (Make sure the mouse pointer icon is selected.)
  2. Select [+] Add in the lower left-hand corner of the properties window
  3. Select the type of layer to be added

Note: When adding the Seismic 3D layer: (Another visual control menu will appear) 

In this menu, there is the inline for each axis and X, Y, Z Lines that can be configured for the Seismic 3D layer.

To hide the control menu, click "Close Controls"

How do I edit my layer?

To edit the properties of a layer, 

  1. Open the Properties Window
  2. Click on the [+] to expand the Layers folder
  3. Under the Layers folder, select the layer to be edited

There are four tabs for editing each layer: General, Data, Positioning, Colors. 

General tab- Edit the title and description of the layer here. Under Selection Options, turn on/off bounding box for marked items in the visualization. 

Data tab - Select the data table and edit options for Marking, Data Limiting using Markings, and Data Limiting using filterings. Note: Always choose a filtering scheme to apply to the layer that corresponds with the visualization.

Positioning - Select the columns from the previously selected data table that contains the X, Y, Z coordinates, measured depth, surface designation, or trajectory designation.

Colors - Select the column for colors in the layer, choose a color mode, and edit color options like color range and transparency of the layer.

How do I change the color properties of my layer?

To change the color properties of a layer, 

  1. Open the Properties Window
  2. Under Layers, select the layer you wish to edit
  3. Go to the Colors tab

Choose a column in your data set that represents the Z (for Points and Surface layers) or Depth (for Wellbores layer). 

Select a color mode: Gradient or Fixed

If Gradient,

  • Select a preset color scheme and click apply or 
  • Select custom to manually pick a color for the max and min value of your data column. You can also enter in a hex code for the color if you know it.
  • See the Example color bar to view the result of your gradient.

If Fixed,

  • Click on the color square to open the color palette
  • Choose a fixed color for the layer

Empty Color refers to the color designated for the null values in the dataset.

Transparency refers to the opaqueness of the layer.

How do I delete a layer? 

  1. Open the Properties Window
  2. Under the Layers folder, select the layer to be deleted
  3. Click [-] Remove


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