The purpose of this article is to explain the Control menu settings.

The Control menu is located in the top right corner of the Subsurface visualization.

Scene dropdown:

- Background: This changes the background color of the visualization

        -Steps to change the background color: 

            1. Expand the Scene option in the control menu by clicking on the white arrow.

            2. Hover over the background color bar to activate the color palette.

            3. Choose your color for the background.     


- Auto Zoom: Will automatically zoom from when visualization is open.

- Labels: This will toggle on and off the labels.

- Z Stretch: Increasing the z stretch will collapse the z-axis.

Grid drop-down:

- Border: Increase or decrease border.

- Z up:  Flip the Z face to opposite side. 

- One Scale:

- Label Color:  changes the color for the labels. 

- Grid Color:  changes the color for the grid.

- Label Size:  Increase or decrease the size of the labels. 

- X Ticks: Increases the number of lines on the X-axis.

- Y Ticks: Increase the number of lines on the Y-axis.

- Z ticks: Increase the number of lines on the Z-axis.

 Layers drop-down:

- In the layer drop-down menu, you can toggle on and off the layers you have configured inside your properties menu.

 How to access the Properties for layers:

    1. Click on the pointer icon on the visualization.

    2. Right-click anywhere on the visual and click properties.

    3. On the left panel, you will see Layers.

        - For more information on Layer see the 3D Subsurface Visualization User Guide: Properties > Layers.

To hide the Control Menu settings: 

Click on "Close Controls" underneath the layers drop-down.