Energy Analytics - DCA

New Features

  • Probit Plot Tool is now under it's own permission setting, giving admins more granularity in Tools > Administration Manager > Groups and Licenses.
  • Add EUR measures for the Type Curve header  for the DCA Wrangler Result Table.
  • Lock the Y-Axis on the DCA Wrangler Plot enabling fine control over curve editing. This also allows users to view compare declines all on the same scale when viewed in multi-well mode. (See our blog post for more details)
  • Create new Result Tables by changing the table name in Table Configuration menu.
  • Switch between Result Tables of the same type based on the name configured in Table Configuration. (See our blog post for more details)


  • Type Curves with more than 300 wells now no longer return well lines, this greatly increases the Type Curve performance.
  • Improved decline performance over time.
  • Removed menu and button animations to increase UI performance.
  • Updated menus to consistently show from right side with actions at the bottom of menu.
  • Removed gray spinner that was overlapping the Load button in the upper right corner.
  • Wells without IDs will now show a warning message in Multi Well and Single Well mode.
  • Added performance warning message when attempting to decline more than 2500 wells.
  • Added feedback for when user adds results tables.
  • Results tables are now loaded using data functions.
  • Improved the Table Configuration menu UI to include a button to generate and/or refresh selected tables.
  • Clarified Parameters and Properties menu names to Decline Parameters and Visualization Properties.
  • Added hover text on all navigation menu buttons.
  • Adjusted labelling for production field in the Properties Menu.
  • Protect from saving models with no name.
  • Adjust labelling for Curve Parameters on the Curve Editor.
  • Adjust GOR Threshold description in the Parameters Menu.
  • Increased the font size of results table.
  • Adopted Semantic Versioning for Spotfire Extensions. (See our blog post for more information)
  • Added extension version with link to changelog in help menu.

Bug Fixes

  • Database errors will no longer cause Spotfire to crash.
  • Fixed issue where table configuration was not persistent between Spotfire page changes.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented a description from being input in the Properties menu.
  • Fixed a bug where null dates caused the decline to start at year 0.
  • Fixed a bug that caused the 'Add Table to Viz' option in Table Configuration menu to behave unexpectedly.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented single well selection before declines were run.
  • Type Curve View now displays the correct groups.