Energy Analytics - DCA

New Features

  • Added Single Well mode when viewing or editing a single well.


  • Models load and save 100x faster.
  • Saving and loading run in the background with progress updates.
  • Modified mode select to show current mode with ability to select a mode via a drop-down menu.
  • Updated mode selection based on wells selected. Selecting a single well now defaults to the Single Well mode.
  • Renamed Well Autocast mode to Multi Well.
  • Added information messages when no wells are selected and when wells needs to be declined.
  • View menu in Single Well mode now has an option to disable or enable the Manual Edit curve.
  • Legend in Type Curve mode now has different view settings accessible through the View Menu.
  • Users can now toggle DCA Legend on/off with the L key.
  • Legend now defaults to displaying viewable streams instead of every line in the chart.
  • Hover text on the DCA chart now only shows the (x,y) of the nearest line and the full name of the stream.
  • Adjusted table and chart sizes in Single Well and Type Curve modes for better table readability.

Bug Fixes

  • Wells that were unable to be declined now show an informational message when cycling to them in Single Well mode.
  • Args decline no longer disappears when De > 94%.
  • Save now informs user when connection is successful.
  • "Error" models no longer show in model selectors.
  • Cumulative forecast curves start at the last applicable actual value.