Energy Analytics - DCA

New Features

  • You can now anchor a forecast on a specific model. Only models that have been loaded (via the Sync button) are shown in the list.
  • Removed the confusing “auto” model name. Now, your active decline is called “active”. Saved declines are gray. If you manually update the active model, it turns orange.
  • Improved the curve editing in manual mode (Arps and Piecewise). Now you have several handles to fit the curve parameters. As you move the curve, the parameters update in real-time and are overlaid on the chart.
  • Well Count Stream is available for plotting in Type Curve mode. Just select it from the View > Streams menu.
  • When you go to Save your model, you can select an existing model to update.


  • DCA wrangler now remembers the last used connection string.
  • Improved User Guides detailing all aspects of the DCA Wrangler can now be found on the Portal. Check them out here.

Bug Fixes

  • Manual normalization now works for wells with production histories greater than 5 years.