At Ruths.ai we have three specific goals in every training:

  • Create a strong confidence in the skills taught
  • Provide real-use scenarios for immediate on the job usage
  • Unify your company’s data analysts to provide cohesion between users


Most training sessions fall into quarter-day (2 hours), half-day (4 hours), full-day (8 hours), or two-day (16 hours) sessions. Quarter and half-day courses can be combined to create a new class. Consider the following when selecting courses from the provided Course Catalog:

  • Spotfire Essentials I and Spotfire Essentials II serve as our main Spotfire introductory level courses and each take a full day. They can be scheduled in tandem or separately, but someone taking Spotfire Essentials II should be comfortable with Spotfire Essentials I materials.

The following half-day courses pair well together if looking to make a full day:

  • IronPython Developer and TERR Developer
  • Control Objects and Advanced Functions
  • The two-hour courses consist primarily of Ruths.ai product related classes. They can work well as a repeating series for continued learning (perhaps using extended lunch and learns) or be packaged into a full-day curriculum (see Ruths.ai Immersive Product Training).
  • Spotfire Pre-Essentials and How to Use a Template serve as great introductory courses. How to Use a Template also makes for a great Lunch and Learn to introduce people to Spotfire’s features and capabilities with practical, domain-specific examples.

Next Steps

Browse the Course Catalog and consider your user base. We’re happy to make recommendations.

Once a training engagement is selected, we will work together to execute the following:

  • Select dates for your first training
  • We’ll book and approve travel arrangements if necessary
  • You’ll book training rooms and resources
  • Pre-course activities (1 week prior)
  • We’ll provide the contact information for the instructor
  • You’ll provide a class list and onsite contact information
  • We’ll bring workbooks
  • We’ll coordinate with technology platform teams (e.g. Spotfire) regarding licenses and support
  • Perform the Onsite Training course including:
    • Lecture,
    • Instructor Demo,
    • Workshop, and
    • Student Course Evaluations