User Guide: Items

What are items?

An item is a searchable, taggable, and pin-able element posted to the Portal. There are different types of items (see below for descriptions) that exist in the Portal. Items can be annotated with Terms to make them easy to search for, and pinned to Boards organization and sharing.

Item Types

Item Type Description
A Template is an analysis file created in TIBCO Spotfire or Power BI. Their embedded data is intended to be replaced in order to utilize the preconfigured visualizations and calculations. Users are free to distribute templates throughout their organization.
Extension An Extension is a plugin for Spotfire. It is installed on the server and made available through permissions on the server. These can be custom visualizations or new data connectors. Extension items on the the Portal are normally downloaded by Spotfire Server Administrator when a new release is available. This download is then made available to users via Spotfire by uploading it the organization's Spotfire Server.
Article Articles are blog posts taken from covering topics in Spotfire, data science and coding.
Training Online training that is accessible directly on the Portal. 

Item View

Each item type will have different properties exposed to the user. For instance, if the item is downloadable, a Download button will be presented. In general, the following table describes common attributes of the Item View page.

Option Description
Pin This will bring a user to the Add To Board modal. Discussed further in the Board User Guide.

Get Support Directs the user to a Support page with contact options.

Visit Source Links the user to the source document or URL.

Image Click on the image to zoom on the image.
Download Download the item.
Properties If there are annotations to the item with properties, that data will be displayed in this panel.
Description Description of the item authored by the user who created the item.