User Guide: Settings

User settings are set by first clicking the Settings button. All available settings are available from the Settings Panel on this page. 

Profile Settings

Option Description
Email Email address used when the account was created. This can be changed but the User will need to verify the new address. 
First Name, Last Name, Position, Description Free text field that can be edited by the user. 
Replace, Add Image When replacing or adding profile or background images, the user is presented with the Add Image modal. After adding an image by dragging or pasting, confirm the upload with the Upload Image button.
NOTE: Profile and Background Images are optional.
Save Saves all edits and image uploads.

NOTE: Images will not save if the user does not Save the edits.


Notification Settings are accessed from the Settings Panel described above. Here, notification settings can be turned on and off.

Notifications are accessed from the the toolbar next to the user's name.

When a user has a Notification, an alert appears as a badge with the number of notifications in it.

After clicking on the profile area, select Notifications in the dropdown and the user is brought to the Notifications Panel.

Selecting the Notification will take the user to the relevant Board.