New Features

  • Added Competitive Intelligence subscription package.
  • Added Spotfire extension licenses to portal.
  • Added API endpoint to upload Spotfire library items.
  • Added API feature package. Org admins can now generate portal API keys if they have the package enabled.
  • Added select, single item relation, and multiple item relation term property types.


  • Updated organization KPIs to display previous year's Q4 KPIs.
  • Updated Change Log location to point to a support article rather than a static page.
  • Updated organization registration page UI.
  • Updated Boolean term property type value selection.
  • Improved the edit term properties modal when there are more than 8 term properties.
  • Updated training names to reflect 2018 course catalog names.
  • Updated default background image for users.

Bug Fix

  • Added industry to organizations that is set when an org request is accepted.
  • Added user's job title to their profile when an org request is accepted.