How do I change the background color?

There are two ways to change the background color of the 3D Subsurface Visualization window. 

From Properties Window

  1. Open Properties Window (select mouse pointer icon and right click>properties)
  2. Click on Appearance in the menu
  3. Click on the color square in the Background color: option 
  4. Choose a new background color from the color palette.
  5. Click Close to exit the Properties Window.

From Controls Window

  1. Expand the Scene option in the control menu by clicking on the white arrow. 
  2. Hover over the background color bar to activate the color palette.
  3. Choose your color for the background.

What is Z distortion?

Z distortion affects the display of your z-values, shortening or lengthening the z-axis. Z "distortion" could also be called "exaggeration".  Depending on the size of the subsurface area you are visualizing, the X and Y dimensions (in ft or m) could be much larger than the depth of the reservoir.  So, you may want to exaggerate the Z dimension to better visualize subsurface features.

How do I edit my layer?

To edit the properties of a layer, 

  1. Open the Properties Window
  2. Click on the [+] to expand the Layers folder
  3. Under the Layers folder, select the layer to be edited

There are four tabs for editing in each layer: General, Data, Positioning, Colors. 

General - Edit the title and description of the layer here. Under Selection Options, turn on/off bounding box for marked items in the visualization. 

Data - Select the data table and edit options for Marking, Data Limiting using Markings, and Data Limiting using filterings. Note: Always choose a filtering scheme to apply to the layer that corresponds with the visualization.

Positioning - Select the columns from the previously selected data table that contains the X, Y, Z coordinates, measured depth, surface designation, or trajectory designation.

Colors - Select the column for colors in the layer, choose a color mode, and edit color options like color range and transparency of the layer.

How do I change the color properties of my layer?

To change the color properties of a layer, 

  1. Open the Properties Window
  2. Under Layers, select the layer you wish to edit
  3. Go to the Colors tab

Choose a column in your data set that represents the Z (for Points and Surface layers) or Depth (for Wellbores layer). 

Select a color mode: Gradient or Fixed

If Gradient, 

  • Select a preset color scheme and click apply or 
  • Select custom to manually pick a color for the max and min value of your data column. You can also enter in a hex code for the color if you know it.
  • See the Example color bar to view the result of your gradient.

If Fixed

  • Click on the color square to open the color palette
  • Choose a fixed color for the layer

Empty Color refers to the color designated for the null values in the data set.

Transparency refers to the opaqueness of the layer.

How do I delete a layer?

To delete a layer, 

  1. Open the Properties Window
  2. Under the Layers folder, select the layer to be deleted
  3. Click [-] Remove