The purpose of this article is to explain how to create your first 3D visualization.

How do you insert a 3D subsurface visualization?

There are three ways to insert a 3d subsurface visualization:

  1. Begin by selecting Insert > Visualization > 3D Subsurface Visualization
  2. Click the 3D Subsurface visualization icon in the menu.
  3. Pressing Ctrl+Shift+7

How do I edit the properties of the 3D subsurface visualization?

To open the properties window,

  • Click on the properties icon () in the upper right-hand corner of the visualization bar  OR
  • Click on the mouse pointer icon ()  in the navigation menu and then right click in your visualization and select properties

How do I create layer?

To create a layer,

  1. Open the properties window of the 3d subsurface visualization
    (Make sure the mouse pointer icon is selected.) 
  2. Select [+] Add in the lower left-hand corner of the properties window
  3. Select the type of layer to be added

For additional information about RAI 3D Subsurface documentation, click here