The purpose of this article is to explain the options under the DCA Wrangler Load menu.

Load Menu

Well EURsThis will load EUR values from the latest official model and append to your Wells table.
Well Forecasts
This will load forecast data from all saved models into a table named "WellDCAResults".
Type CurvesThis will load Type Curve data from the latest official model into a table named "TypeCurves".
Configure DB ConnectionThis is where the Engine is connected to RAI Energy Analytics.

The RAI Energy Analytics Extension will need a database connection URI to connect to the Engine on the installed server. If MongoDB is installed locally proceed to the steps below. If MongoDB is administered by your company and you are an administrator, jump to the section below entitled "Configure MongoDB for Spotfire in Administration Manager".

Within the configuration menu, the Connections Available dropdown allows a user to:

  • Select Localhost if MongoDB is installed locally.  
  • Select Custom to enter a connection string
  • Select a connection string provided by the Spotfire Administrator. 

Test Connection will test if your connection string is valid. Upon successful test, Save will save the connection parameters and exit the menu. Cancel will exit the menu while reverting all changes.

Configure MongoDB in Administration Manager

The DCA Wrangler allows Spotfire Administrators to configure the connection to MongoDB through Spotfire's Administration Manager so that all users have access to the connection string via the drop-down menu in the DCA Wrangler Load menu, and thus do not have to have access to the connection string.  The steps below explain how to save the MongoDB connection string in the Administration Manager.  This configuration requires Administrator privileges.  

IMPORTANT NOTE: The steps below show how to save the connection string in a Spotfire group.  Which group(s) the Spotfire Administrator saves the connection string to will vary depending upon each client's Spotfire configuration. generally recommends that the connection string is saved to BOTH the Administrator group AND the Everyone group.  However, if a client has chosen to create a group specifically for the DCA Wrangler, the connection string should be saved to Administrator AND the DCA Wrangler group.  It is important that the connection string is saved to the Administrator group because behind the scenes, the Administrator group supersedes all other groups.  If the connection string is saved to only the Everyone group, all users EXCEPT Administrators will be able to see the saved connection string.  This is because Administrators are Administrators before they are part of Everyone in the Spotfire hierarchy of groups.  

  1. Go to the Tools menu and open the Administration Manager.
  2. Go to the Preferences tab.
  3. Select the desired group.
  4. Navigate to the menu in the Preferences tab and click on Energy Analytics.
  5. Click on the down arrow next to the PetroDBURI menu.  This menu lists all saved connections.
  6. Click the Edit button.  

  7. Place the cursor in the top right cell of the highlighted menu, and a "..." button will appear as shown below.  Click on the "..." button.
  8. Click the Add button to add another connection string. Edit the Key and Name on the right-hand side of the menu. Enter the MongoDB connection string as the Key.  This will use the protocol "mongodb://" and then the server name. The Name entered here is what will appear in the drop-down in Spotfire. 
  9. Click OK to save and exit out of all dialogs.
  10. Restart Spotfire to see the connection string in the DCA Wrangler Load menu.