The purpose of this article is to explain the options under the DCA Wrangler Tables menu.

Tables Menu

After using the Autocast or the Type Curve decline the user can generate results data tables containing all the decline model parameters and time series predictions for the declined wells.

RefreshRefreshes previously configured Result Tables. To create the tables and check the data results before saving you can go to Tables and click Refresh. The tables are created in the project and can be used for visualizations. The tables will pop up in the current page if you checked the Add Tables to Page in the Configuration options.
Configure    Configure Result Tables in the below menu:

Select the desired tables to be added to your project by checking the boxes on the left of each table. Each table will have a default name, as defined in the Table Name. This default can be overridden by the user by selecting the area and inputting the desired table name. Once the configurations are set the user can use the Add Tables to Page option to automatically create table visualizations from the tables.

GENERATE/REFRESH TABLES will save the configuration and exit the menu. Cancel will exit the menu while reverting all changes.

IMPORTANT NOTE: From the five data tables two are created for the individual Autocast declines and three are for the Type Curve. This corresponds to the different declines that can be performed by choosing Autocast or Type Curve in the Mode menu. Please see below for table descriptions.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Tables will automatically refresh while saving to

Table Descriptions

Well DCA Time SeriesThis table contains all the decline curves time points and forecasts Volumes, Gross Volumes, Rates and Remaining Reserves for Oil, Gas, GOR, and Water. Arps parameters qi, b, dmin, de and di together with GOR, BOE, and EUR are included as well. This is all given as time series per well.

Generated from Autocast Mode
Well DCA HeaderThis table contains measurements related to the overall life of the wells for the number of years that we decide to forecast. Arps parameters qi, b, dmin, de and di together with cumulative production and EURs of Oil, Gas, Water, and GOR.

Generated from Autocast Mode
Type Curve Time SeriesThis table contains the type curve results. Per each Model Group, it creates the P10, P50, P90 and avg decline curves.  Each percentile is a time series of forecast Volumes, Gross Volumes and Rates for Oil, Gas, and Water. Arps parameters are given per percentile.

Generated from Type Curve Mode
Type Curve HeaderThis table is a pivoted version of the Autocast TC Data table, but showing only the Arps parameters qi, b, dmin, de and di for each fluid stream and percentile. Each combination of Fluid-Parameter-Percentile (Ex: oil-b-p10) will have a column. Each Model Group will have a row in the table.

Generated from Type Curve Mode
Type Curve WellsContains some labels for the declined wells and their Type Curve Group.

Generated from Type Curve Mode

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