The purpose of this article is to explain the DCA Wrangler Decline button and Editing Declines.

Decline Button

Pressing the Decline button will generate declines for the wells that are currently marked using the Autocast algorithm. 

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Editing Declines

After the decline has run for a well and the user is in the Single Well View, the user can edit the decline curves for each stream with hotkeys (as described in the Help Menu) or by using the control points right on the plot itself. As the user adjusts the curve, the parameters update in real-time and are overlaid on the chart. 

The user can also edit previously Saved declines brought in to the project with the Sync button. To edit a saved decline for a well, the user can either anchor by it or update it for each well. In the manual well mode, the user can click on a model name to edit its curve. When the model name is clicked, it copies the curve to active.  The user can then update active and save the active curve.

IMPORTANT NOTE: In order to switch between streams during an edit session, use the hotkey "F". The stream must be on the plot in order to edit the stream's decline curve.


Adjust the Start Date and Qi (Initial Rate).

IMPORTANT NOTE: Qi does not have to be on the production curve. you can set the Start Date and Qi to anywhere on the plot.

Adjust the B Factor.

Adjust De (Effective Decline)

Identifies the start of the Exponential function.

IMPORTANT NOTE: To see hotkeys and keyboard map for faster editing, please follow this link: Help and Keyboard Map.

Users can also manually edit the linear piecewise parameters for GOR and Yield. 


Adjust each breakpoints for each segment.

New Lasso Decline 

In single well mode, there is a new option to use Lasso Decline. 


  • Points now show on the DCA Visualization for each of the streams. 
  • Click (F) to switch the streams to lasso.
  • Hover over the forecast line to show the corresponding date(Month) for each stream.

To Lasso Decline 

  1. In single well mode, use the mouse to select the points. (See picture below)
  2. Click Decline.
    This will start the new decline from the currently selected area. 

For additional information on RAI DCA Wrangler documentation, click here