The default filter setting in Spotfire is that filtering in one page filters in all pages.  This default can easily be overridden by using filtering schemes to limit filtering to one or more pages or one or more visualizations.  Here are the steps to use filtering schemes.

1. Turn on the filtering scheme menu by either....

    Go to the Edit menu > select Document Properties > Go to the Filtering Schemes tab > Check the box for 'Show filtering scheme menu in Filters panel'

    Right click on the word Filters in the filter panel and select 'Show filtering scheme men

2. With the  menu now turned on in the filter panel, click the down arrow at the top to the right of the words Filtering scheme and click New Filtering Scheme

3. Name the Filtering Scheme

4. Set filters for the Filtering Scheme

5. Change the Filtering Scheme to your new Filtering Scheme in any page that you would like these filter settings to apply to

To apply a filtering scheme to a single visualization:

  1. Right click on the visualization, select Properties
  2. Go to the Data menu
  3. Where it says 'Limit data using filterings:', uncheck 'Use the current filtering from the page (Default)' and check the name of your filtering scheme.

Note, there is not a way to apply a filtering scheme to multiple visualizations at one time.  You must change configure each visualization individually.