Users frequently ask how they can a) create their own filters or b) retain marked data.  The same feature can handle both of these requests -- Tags.  Here is a how to for using tags.  

1. Open the tags panel using the button in the toolbar


2. Click the create tag collection button, which should be the only button not grayed out 


3. Name the tag collection and create individual tags by clicking on the New tag button.  Note: Tags can be created later as well by right clicking or using the Create tag button in the tags panel. 


4. Attach marked data to individual tags by marking data on a visualization and then right clicking on the tag in the tags panel and selecting Attach tag to marked rows.  Repeat as needed.  Note, a marking can only be attached to one tag at a time.  If you attempt to add it to more than one tag, you will see a pop up asking which one it should be attached to.


Once the tag collection and tags have been created, the user may double click on the tags to reselect previously marked data.  Users can also pull up the same markings on other visualizations (other than the visualization which was used to attach marked rows to tags).  

Additionally, the creation of the tag collection also created a new filter in the filter panel.  The name of the filter will be the tag collection name, and the unique values will be the tags.  This column can be used for filtering or added to any visualization in the DXP.  


Now, also be aware that the markings will NOT be retained in the tags after the file is closed and reopened unless keys are specified in the Edit menu, Data Table properties.  See the Edit button in the screenshot below.  The user must click on this and choose one or more columns that define the uniqueness of a record in order for the markings to stay attached to the tags.