Products from are authenticated using the Administration Manager provided by Spotfire. You can activate a license for individual users or a Spotfire/Windows AD group.

In order to follow these steps, you must be the Spotfire administrator or have administrative access.

  1. Retrieve the license key from the Portal (you must be a Portal Admin to view license keys). You may also have received a license from your subscription representative.
  2. Open TIBCO Spotfire Desktop.
  3. Navigate to Tools > Administration Manager. Then select Preferences from the top tabs.

  4. Select a group from the left-hand side for whom you want to bestow licenses. This can match an AD group if you have integrated your Spotfire server with a LDAP user directory.
  5. From the list of preferences in the center area, open > You will see a option for License Keys to the right.

  6. Click the button to expand [...] to the right of LicenseInfo[] Array.
  7. A dialog will appear called LicenseInfo Collection Editor. From here we can edit the licenses installed everywhere on the Spotfire server.

  8. To add a license, enter the full product name into the Name area and enter the license key in the License area. For example:
    If you have a subscription, you can activate all the products using the RAI Spotfire Extensions key. Now the keys are activated and you will be able to use the extensions.