Creating an on demand data table with property controls

  1. Add the data source in its entirety to the DXP file
  2. Add a text area to a page
  3. Add an input property control or a list box (multi select) property control for each of the column of data you would like to limit on. Use an input property control if only one value should be returned (such as State Name in this example).  Use a list box (multi select) when more than one value should be returned (such as Hole Direction in this example). Steps to create the control are:
  • Click the Insert Property Control button in the Text Area tool bar (button with the red checkbox)
  • Select the control type (list box multi select or input)
  • Click the new button
  • Name the control
  • The data type will depend upon the values being queried.  If you are specifying a field name or hole direction, the control will be a string.  If you are specifying a number, make the control an integer or real number. 
  • In the 'Set property value through' option
    • For the input properties, a value needs to be entered that will exactly match the value in the data table (case, spacing and special characters must be exact).
    • For the list box multi select properties, choose Fixed Values and enter the values that should be queries in both the Display Name and the Value.  The Display Name is what will show up in the control.  The Value is what will be queried.  The Display Name can be anything, but the Value must match what is in the data table. 
      • NOTE: Users may be able to select Unique values in column from Set property value through, but be careful, as it could be possible to get stuck with only one value that won't refresh. 
  • Go to the Edit menu > Data table properties
  • Select the data table
  • Click the Settings button
  • Find the columns of data that match up to the property controls created.
  • One at a time, select the column and click the Define Input button
  • In the Input for the selected parameter: drop down, select Values (fixed/properties/expression)
  • Set the radio button to Property
  • Click the Select button and select the property that matches to the column
  • Repeat the step for each column of data that should be queried
  • You may also want to click the Load automatically checkbox in the On-Demand Settings dialog so that as soon as a new value is entered, the query is performed.