Spotfire allows the user to create groups of filters in order to better organize the filter panel.  Creating these groups is a simple and easy process.  There are multiple ways to create the group.  The method show below is the most efficient.

1. Right click on the Filter panel

2. Select Organize filters

3. Click the New Group button to create as many new groups as necessary.  

4. Click OK.  (NOTE: Do not add individual filters to groups in this menu, as you will have to move them up and down in the list, which is tedious and inefficient.)

5. Find the filters in the Filter panel to be moved into a group.  Use the Shift or Ctrl keys to select more than one.

6. Right click, select Move To Group and select the desired group.

7. To rearrange the group in the Filter panel, either left mouse click on it in the Filter panel and drag to a new position OR right click, select Organize Filters and move using the menu buttons.