Purpose: The purpose of the QQ plot is to test for normal distribution in a column of data.  Many predictive models require that the data be normally distributed.  If it is not, then the model will not work well.  This plot can help a user determine if their data is normally distributed and whether or not it should be fed into a given predictive model.


  1. Data table
  2. Column


  • Can only run one column at a time


Steps to Run:

  1. Go to the Tools menu
  2. Select the Data Science option
  3. Select the QQ plot option
  4. Enter the data table and the column name the analysis should be performed on


  • The output is a single scatter plot visualization.  
  • Normal Quantiles are on the x axis and the Sample Quantiles are on the y axis.  


  • If the data is normally distributed, it will fall along the line in the plot.
  • If the data is not normal, then you can apply transformations, select a subset of data, or remove outliers.