Purpose: The purpose of this extension is to provide the user with a statistical summary of their data that can be used to determine what data preparation tasks are necessary for further analysis.


  1. Data table



Steps to Run:

  1. Go to the Tools menu
  2. Select the Data Science option
  3. Select the Data Description option
  4. Enter the data table the analysis should be performed on


  • The output is a single table.
  • The first column (column) specifies the column being analyzed.   
  • The second column (count) counts the number of records, which should be the same number for all columns, as it does not exclude nulls.
  • The third column (type) lists the data type of the specified column.
  • The fourth column (num.na) counts how many cells have nulls.
  • The remaining columns describe the data in terms of min, max, mean, median and other statistical measures.