1. Add a data table to Spotfire that has latitude and longitude
  2. Add map chart visualization by clicking on the globe in the toolbar.  When you do this, Spotfire may recognize the latitude and longitude columns, but we’ll cover how to set them up if it does not.
  3. Right click and select Properties
  4. Go to the Layers menu
  5. Select the marker or feature layer that was added to the map from your data table
  6. Click the Settings button
  7. Go to the Positioning menu
  8. Scroll down and select the Coordinate columns radio button
  9. Click on the down arrow to select the latitude and longitude columns
  10. Close out of the Setting and Properties dialogs
  11. In the legend on the right hand side, set the Marker by variable.  Think of Marker by as – Put a dot on the map for each <Well, API, UWI, etc>
  12. You may need to set or remove any variables assigned to the Shape by and Size by variable selectors in the legend