Spotfire shows all data on a visualization unless it is filtered or limited in some way.  In the screenshot below, I would like to remove the period of time at the start of the time period where production is zero.

I will use the Limit with Expression feature. However, when working with dates in data limiting, an extra function is required to tell Spotfire the value is a date.  See the steps below.

  1. Right click on the visualization and select Properties

  2. Go to the Data menu

  3. Scroll down until you find Limit with Expression

  4. Click the Edit button to launch the Custom Expression dialog

  5. Enter this expression: [ProductionDate]>Date(2000,1,1)

    1. Note that the format is year, month, day

Entering [ProductionDate]>= 1/1/2000 generates an error.

Entering [ProductionDate]>=’1/1/2000’ generates an error.  

Entering [ProductionDate]>Date(2000,1,1) is the correct syntax.  

The errors are created because the expression does not understand that 1/1/2004 is a date. Enclosing the date in single quotes converts it to a string, which is incorrect. You must enclose the date in the Date function to specify the value is a date.