You will need to install the following .spk files that were included in the download:

  • RAI.SharepointDataSource.spk

If this is your first time installing a product, you will need to install these additional packages. They are essential packages for the extension and provide the license manager.

  • RAI.SpotfireLicenseForms.spk

  • RAI.SpotfireLicense.spk

After the installation, proceed to the next section to establish security groups.

(The following is adapted from the TIBCO Spotfire Deployment and Administration guide)

  1. Open web browser and browse to the Administration Console, located at http://spotserver/spotfire/administration (where spotserver is the name of one of your Spotfire Servers)
  2. Log in as a Spotfire Admin.
  3. Select the Deployment tab.
  4. Select an existing deployment area from the Deployment Area list, or create a new deployment area to which to deploy packages.
  5. If you have old packages in the environment, click Clear to remove all packages.
  6. Click Add and then Browse.
  7. Browse to a package file (.spk) or a distribution file (.sdn) that you want to include in the deployment.
  8. In the Add to Deployment dialog, click OK to upload and add the file to the distribution.
  9. Remove any unwanted files from the list by selecting them and clicking Remove.
  10. Click Validate to make sure the deployment is not corrupted.
  11. Click Save to save and publish the deployment.
  12. Provide a version number and a description for the deployment, and then click OK.