Note - Extension only works on Microsoft SharePoint 2010.

To open data from a list stored on Microsoft SharePoint 2010:
  1. Open Spotfire
  2. Go to File > Add Data...
  3. In the Add Data Tables window, click the Add button to select the SharePoint source for the data
  4. In the SharePoint Data Source window, type in the Site URL (ex: http://<serveraddress>/<sharepointsite>/<subsite>)
  5. Under Authentication, Select Windows
  6. Enter your Windows Username and Password
  7. Click Connect to load the lists from the SharePoint site
  8. Select the list you wish to load into Spotfire
  9. Use the drop-down menu to select the view from which to load the columns
  10. Select the columns you wish to load and click the button for the double-right arrows to add them to the panel for Columns to Load
  11. Select OK
  12. In the Add Data Tables window, give your data table a name
  13. Select OK

Note - Extension only works on 2010 Sharepoint 

This figure notes the steps 4-11

The figure above illustrates steps 4 through 11 described above.