The purpose of this article is to explain how to create a Well Log visualization

To insert a well log visualization

  • Click on the well log visualization icon   on the toolbar or select Insert > Visualization > Well Log from the menu
    To configure the well log visualization
    1. Click on the properties icon () to open the properties menu
    2. Go to Data and select a data table from the data table drop-down list
    3. Set Limit data using filterings to the appropriate filtering scheme
    4. Set the column properties for the curves under Curve Data
    5. If you have multiple wells, set the Trellis by: to the column trellis the view by wells
    6. Set the number of wells to display per page 
    7. If you have curve data that has been pivoted, check the box next to My data is pivoted
    8. Set the Depth column, Curve name column, and Curve value column for the curve data selection
    9. Click (+) to add a track or curve. For help on configuring curves, please see the video on how to create a well log visualization.

For additional help on how to create an RAI Well log Visualization see below or for all Well Log documentation click here

Well Log Visualization User Guide: How to Create a Well Log Visualization (Video)